Updated Dental Webinar Schedule

Webinar Schedule 

We teach you how to effectively and efficiently deal with dental AND medical insurance companies to ensure maximum payment. You will learn how to fix the most common issues providers deal with daily. Learn how to save time and money and to STOP losing money that is rightfully owed to you!! 




Thursday, 2/20/20         

Appealing Denied, Rejected, and Reduced Claims (C) Every delayed and denied claim costs your business revenue regardless of whether it is a short or long-term delay. Insurance companies change policies on a regular basis to control cost, audit for fraud, and assure adherence to policy. Learn how efficiently and effectively appeal claims that have been denied, rejected, and reduced!!  Register by 1/31 to save $20.

Thursday, 3/5/20                                               

Controlling Your Fee Schedule (L) Negotiating contracts and fee schedules is something most dentists don’t feel equipped to do. The result is a business controlled by bad insurance contracts and fee schedules that don't pay you what you're worth. Sometimes, they do not even cover the cost of performing the service! Learn how to negotiate those contracts and fee schedules that don't work for you anymore!! Register by 2/14 to save $20.

Wednesday, 3/11/20                                               

Diagnosis Coding for the Dental Office (D) Diagnosis coding is a new concept to the dental office that has never filed a medical claim. All medical claims require a diagnosis code which must be established by the provider. Claims are paid or denied based upon a medical condition and medical necessity. Becoming familiar with ICD-10 codes is imperative for dental providers who must bill medical. Register by 2/20 to save $20.

Thursday, 3/12/20                                                                   

Coordination of Benefits (I) Coordination of benefits (COB) between dual insurances has always been complicated. There are numerous provisions, plans, and methods of calculation that make these issues difficult to resolve. Determining the primary versus the secondary carrier, what contractual write-off applies, and what rules apply when a provider is in-network with one plan and not the other are some of the basic questions regarding COB. The inclusion of medical insurance into the world of the dental office has made the task of coordination much more complicated for the dental office. Register by 2/21 to save $20.

Wednesday, 3/18/20                                                              

CMS-1500 Claim Form Step-by-Step Instructions (A) This webinar will teach you what you must know about how to complete the CMS-1500 claim form correctly. We go box-by-box so that by the end, you know what information goes where. If you have had to deal with rejected claims, mistakes that have delayed the processing and payment of claims, or even patients being told that you are submitting things incorrectly; you are not alone! Learn how to bill successfully! Become more efficient and effective!  Register by 2/27 to save $20.

Thursday, 3/19/20                                                                

Medical Cross-Coding for the Dental Office (F) CDT codes are not widely recognized in medical insurance. Some dental codes will have applicable medical codes while others may not have a medical code. Both CDT and CPT codes are updated annually. Exposure to codes, definitions and their usage is the responsibility of the biller submitting a claim. When CDT codes have a corresponding CPT code, the CPT code should be utilized if it accurately describes the services rendered. Register by 2/28 to save $20.


Tuesday, 3/24/20                                                                    

When Should You Bill Medical? (E) Knowing which procedures are most likely to be paid by medical coverage will save a practice valuable time and resources. Learn which procedures should be submitted to medical insurance, understand policy provisions, and what you must ask your patients. Transitioning to medical billing will require a new awareness, additional training, enhanced documentation, and a certain level of patience while these changes impact your practice. Practices (and ultimately, their patients) who benefit from submitting medical claims quickly become motivated to create simplistic methods of implementation and utilization. Register by 3/4 to save $20.


Our medical billing webinar series is designed to teach you the most important aspects of medical billing: diagnosis codes, procedure codes, preauthorizations, and the CMS claim form. Even the most seasoned dental biller can find billing medical insurance to be daunting at first! Let us teach you during our interactive webinars. You have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar so that you don’t get lost AND 30 days after each session to watch it as many times as you need! If you are unable to participate on the day of the webinar, register anyway. You will receive a unique replay link after the session. The link is available for thirty (30) days allowing you to watch (or rewatch) when your schedule allows.


There are multiple sessions available for you to choose from. Pick one or all of them depending on your needs. The registration fee is $119.00 per webinar per registrant. We offer a $20 discount if you register twenty (20) days prior to the webinar bringing the price to $99 per webinar per registrant. Please use a separate registration form for each person. Your registration fee includes 90-days access to our toll-free helpline for any questions or issues that arise after the series. Our webinars are live. You are able to ask questions and interact with your speaker throughout. 

If you are unable to participate on the day of the webinar, register anyway. You will receive a unique replay link after the session. The link is available for thirty (30) days allowing you to watch (or rewatch) when your schedule allows.