Rozann was amazing

- Ileana., P Sacramento CA

Amazing job at keeping everyone engaged! So much information obtained.

Thank you for your time Bridget,


- Adriana., G Sacramento CA

I have been to a Medicare Insurance Seminar, put on by other companies every year for the last 13 years.  This is the first time I have been so engaged and had so many "Aha" moments.

Thank you Bridget,

- Lyndsy., F

Bridget was a great instructor, she had me focused and I feel I was able to gain a lot of useful information from her.  I would love to come to another conference.

Thank you,

- Beverly., C Garden Grove CA

Best Seminar speaker I have had in my 6 years in this industry.  Kept my attention the whole time.  Provided information I cannot wait to use in our office.  :)


- Kristy B., Garden Grove CA

One of the best Seminars I have been to in a long time! It was informative, Bridget ws helpful and knowledgable and kept it intersting.  I will definately be back for more.

- L.E. Laguna Niguel, CA

This was one of the most imformative Seminars I have been to.  Bridget provided and answered questions I had.  I would definately attend another Seminar.

- Tanya.C Garden Grove, CA

Everything (information, speaker, material and dress) was amazing.  I hope the next speaker is a great as Rozann.

- Stacy, M

Amazing job at keeping everyone engaged! so much informatin obtained; I thank Rozann for her time.

- Adriana G., Sacramento CA

Rozann gave me helpful and profitable information to perform my duties as A/R and insurance claims.  Very imformative;

I paid $600 w/another company and learned nothing new pertaining to my duties.  I came away happy and more secure in being able to perform at top level and  not waste so much time on the phone with insurance compainies

- Diana M., CA

This was an amazing class.

- Amberli W.,, Provo UT

Bridget is the greatest: energetic, enthusiastic.  Loved it

- Becky V., S. Jordan, UT

So much information:  Rozann did such a great job.  I enjoyed and will go back with new knowledge and changes.  I am very excited.

- Sheri C., Hamilton MT

Rozann was a pleasure to listen to.  I would definately attend another conference with her

- Debbie K., Ocean, NJ

Amazing teacher,

- Betsy O., NYC, NY

Fabulous seminar,

- Cristina, Nealon, Flanders, NJ

Great Conference.  Really enjoyed the speaker (Dr. Barry). Very informational as well and great tips

- Jeannette S., Hialeah, FL

Rozann is a great speaker.  I stayed awake! She is funny and interesting

- - Sara C., Eden Prairie, MN

Christine was very pleasant and enjoyable to listen to - She was very easy to understand and answered questions and gave examples. I enjoyed her presentation and would recommend her class to my peers.


- - Catherine B, CenterLine, MI

The doctor and I both said that every office should take a class with her. There was so much great information! 

- Jill P., Lancaster, NY

Speaker (Bridget Harper) went above and beyond my expectations. Very friendly and open to sharing as much information as possible. She has motivated me to push the idea of adding medical billing to our practice. 

- C. White, Salem, MA

I have been waiting for a class like this for a long time. I'm so happy I finally made them send me. 

Thanks for the education. 


- Graciella S., Insurance Claim Processor

Thank you for your time and wonderful Information. It is hard to find people like you, "Winner". I love to see when people treat any business as their own. Once a winner always a winner. 

- Denise C.

Rozann was prepared, energetic, & passionate about the presentation. It's great to be a part of a presentation when the speaker believes  in what they do & the material is relevant and lawful.

Keep up the great job!

- Darleene M.

I have been doing this for 36 years. It's amazing to me if you don't stay up on things, you're outdated quickly. I love to come listen & learn from experienced people.

- Debbie B.

Just would like to say that I attended your local dental changes seminar this past friday and i freaken loved it !!! I have that same passion against the insurance companies who nickel and dime the patient and the provider. I already look forward to attending your next seminar.

- Pablo R., San Diego, CA

We would like to inform you that attending your seminar was THE most important factor in fighting back multiple unfair reimbursement tactics used by one major insurance company against some of our dental offices.

The knowledge and confidence acquired after just one lecture ignited a series of steps that ultimately led our staff to handle the entire issue professionally and still obtain results well beyond our expectations.

Thank you Marcia, for your energy, enthusiasm and passion when delivering your informative and extremely useful lectures!!!

Forever grateful.

- Drs. Epstein and Wendler

I have been wanting to email you to tell you how impressed i was with your class. I have been to so many classes over the past 10 years and this was by far the best, I learned so much information from you that i should have already known. This information is all so valuable and we cannot wait to put it into action. Great Job!

- Carrie L.

Seminar was very informative and the speakers enthusiasm, knowledge and her way of presenting the seminar is out of this world.

- Merlina D. Office Manager

The speaker was extremely motivating  and high in spirits, i appreciated the energy and knowledge she had. the knowledge of this course was very helpful and full of education, im so glad i signed up for this.

- Shanelle W.

I haven't written so many notes at a class before, very interesting, the speaker kept me interested at all times.

- Laurie B., Office Manager

Attended the seminar in FL. The seminar was very informative, eye opening, covred a lot of information that seemed "grey" before and the speaker was wonderfull!


- Angela G., RMC, CPMS, CMBA

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely enjoyed every minute of today and did not want it to end. I am new at learning billing and can see that our former Manager/Biller did not know near enough to run this office properly. The Dr. I work for is amazing and I want the very best for him. Our new biller was with me today, her name is Jeysy and she is wonderful and just as eager to learn this as I am. I have been with Dr. Sekhavat for ten years now and have been held back from learning but Jeysy and I feel it is very important for both of us to now all aspects of this office. We purchases your system today and are so excited about getting started.
Again Thank you for making today an enjoyable and learning experience!!

- Dana B., Dallas, TX

Been to 2 of these seminars, learned something new every time. Even able to get 2-3 people on board to buy the materials because they work!!


- Kristy G., Office manager, Cincinnati, OH

I am so pleased and relieved to have attended this seminar! Our office lost our biller/manager abruptly and with little to no training, so this seminar was invaluable! I've learned volumes about Medicare changes and filing, as well as implementing GREAT systems! I would love to attend more! Thank you


- Sara O., Asheville, NC

I am writing to you inform you of some things that have happened since attending your seminar.  The Provider Package that we bought paid for itself in no time.  Prior to the seminar our office had been having serious issues with an insurance company that was delaying payments for several months at a time.  I followed your instructions by including the signed AOB, judges rulings about delayed payments (in insurance company copy only), with the cover letter stating on behalf of the patient, and the Lousiana Prompt Pay Law and Penalty;about 10 days later I received a check for over $9,000 from the insurance company.  Second issue I was having a certain insurance company was not paying our office at the correct fee schedule (they were paying us less).  So I figured I'd send a complaint letter to the commissioner's office on them too and copied the insurance in the same fashion as the previous, literally the next week I got a check for difference in payments (multiple claims couple hundred dollars). We have also used the form and how to go about asking for a fee re-evaluation with another insurance company and we are in the negotiation process now.  I am truly amazed at how just a few simple tweeks to things could make such a huge difference.

- Michelle K., New Orleans, LA

I attended the Medicare Seminar with one of my co-workers on August 18, 2011, given at the Courtyard Marriott in Torrance, California. The seminar was truly amazing and we both learned numerous tactics, skills and new information. I believe that your seminar made my co-worker and I have a better working relationship. Thanks.  We have used the information our practice purchased to bring our office into compliance with all guidelines. I can’t even begin to tell you how beneficial the seminar was without continuously sounding like a broken record.

- Atonya C., Inglewood, CA

Having recently attended a seminar your company provided on new compliance standards, we were advised that we could utilize a service by phone that your company made available to program participants.

In utilizing this information call center, we have found a very helpful and informative resource in Marcia.  I write this little not to you so that you may be aware of how vital and necessary such a resource is.  Moreover, Marcia has not only advised us on a number of issues, but she has more than willingly followed up on questions and concerns we have had.  She is genuinely interested in sharing and learning - not a disposition commonly seen today.

Thank you for acknowledging to Marcia our sincere appreciation.

- Barbara R., Practice Manager, Hackensack, NJ

Very good info for physicians.  We, (MDs) need education and training on the upcoming changes.

- Joanne H., MD, Riverton, WY

Kathryne was very informative and enjoyable to listen to.  She made that time go by very fast.  Full of very helpful and useful information.  Thank you so much!

- Chrissy D., Tecumseh, MI

Kathryne from the beginning took the time to give me advice and information.  I worked clinically in my office when my office manager / billing manager was fired abruptly.  I was left with seven years of her MESS.  It has been three months, and I am trying to learn all that I can.  I just want to thank Kathryne for all her advice and knowledge that she shared with me.

- Amanda S., CME, Hackettstown, NJ

Great information!  I got a lot more than I expected from four hours!

- Marilyn W., RMC, Dover, DE

I thought the seminar was extremely informative and educational.

- Ginger E.,Office Manager, Crown Point, IN

I must say I was prepared for a factual and boring morning that would maybe yield a few new facts.  I was pleasantly astounded.  Your speaker is a dynamic and powerful presenter who just also happens to be a little nuts.  The material became animated, interesting, and memorable.  He is truly a master at what he does.  I would eagerly attend any future seminar.

- Dr. Brown, DDS, NY

I would just like to drop a line to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the conference in Tulsa.  The information we received is invaluable.  Thank you again for the time you spent here with us "nice Okies".  Have a blessed day!

- Robin W., Business Administrator, Tulsa, OK

This is the best and most informative seminar I have attended in the last 20 years.

- Dr. Skigen, DMD, FL

Great seminar - to the point.  Didn't waste any time!

- Rita S., Business Manager, Crystal Lake, FL

Your speaker was excellent!  She had so much knowledge and shares it so well!  I would love to attend any seminar she teaches.

- Kim B., Office Manager, Panama City, FL

Next time you're in the area, let me know.  I will send my entire staff.

- Michelle M., Sarasota Medical Clinic, Sarasota, FL

... Again, thank you so much for your help.  I want to tell you that I have been impressed with everyone I have met or spoken with before, during, and after the seminar.  You all are very customer service oriented and that means a lot to me.  It is nice to deal with people who really want to help you succeed.  I have already used some of the material and my level of confidence since attending the seminar has skyrocketed probably about 100%.  I feel empowered!

- Carol W., Billing Office, Indianapolis, IN

I was very impressed.  You put things in ways that really make them stick.  Thank you so much!

- Michelle, Office Manager, Grand Rapids, MI

I thought your seminar was informative and presented in a professional manner.  I enjoyed the seminar so much!

- Deeman L., Dental Office Administrator, Eldersburg, MD

Amazing results is all I can say!  We attended your seminar about a year ago.  Before receiving the information you shared we had continual problems collecting on claims within a reasonable length of time... sometimes two or three months, always with the same excuses.  "We never received that claim", "We need additional information that was requested but never received" and on and on.  What a tremendous change after attending the seminar.  Since applying the knowledge we received from you we've had unbelievable results.  Most claims are paid within 5-7 days.  we are thrilled and forever grateful for the turnaround in collections.  Thanks.

PS:  We also want to say thanks for being there to answer any questions we've had since the seminar.  We appreciate you being there for us.

- Jan C., Office Manager, Fort Worth, TX

The truthfulness of these letters, especially in cases where the insurance company tries to collect monies from the physician or provider months to years later, "after review of the patients insurance payments" is evident with this case that I am forwarding to you.  Thank you again.

- Dr. Strasek, Rocky River, OH

I just learned more in half a day than I have learned in some previous two day seminars.

- Mary L., Manteca, CA

The instructor was great.  Very energetic and knowledgeable.  The information is very useful in regards to problems we are currently experiencing.  I would highly recommend this course.

- Janet S., Office Manager, Stockton, CA

The information we received is invaluable and I can't wait to put it into practice at our facility.

- Robin, Gilcrease Medical Center, Tulsa, OK

Before [attending] I would have claims as far as 60 -90 days, but now we are receiving Explanation of Benefits within the 30-day time limit.  I had a self-insured company giving me a VERY difficult time since April - still no payment or denial.  I followed your advice and I received an immediate payment from them.  The seminar has already paid off.  I would be happy to attend ANY seminars you offer in my area in the future.  If anyone is hesitant about paying the money and attending your seminar, have them call me. 

- Bobbi C., Office Manager, Hampton, NH

... Our speaker was so dynamic and enthusiastic - I felt inspired, fired up, motivated to apply her principles so that our entire organization becomes the "rising star"!

- Dr.Townsend, DDS, Senior Dental Director, Dallas, TX

... Just a note to thank you for all your assistance.  Since having taken the seminar and talking to you we are finally receiving long awaited payments on oustanding receivables.  The greatest thrill was receiving $15,000 immediately after sending letters of complaints on the "Blues Brothers" to the Insurance Commissioner.  Thanks for your continuing support.

- Christine P., Collection Manager, West Hills, CA

...Useful information you can use TODAY!  I am pumped up!

- Dr. Kachorek, Clinton, MI

Such a dynamic seminar!  I enjoyed your presentation but I also learned a lot from it.  I am motivated to go back to my office and try some of the methods today!

- Marilyn J., Office Manager, Ypsilanti, MI

The seminar was great!  I would actually like to have spent the whole day instead of half a day.  There is so much to learn...

- Doreen D., Rochester, NY

This was the best seminar ever!  I was glued to every word.  The speaker was interesting, very informed, and fun!  I learned a lot.

- Katie L., Office Manager, Encinitas, CA