Products for Dental Providers

Our Automatic Practice Management System is the result of years of first hand experience in the healthcare industry and decades of experience teaching practices the skills they need to succeed. Our supplemental follow up materials to the "Local Dental Insurance Changes and Updates" course do so much more than even their name implies. They are designed to completely automate the vital tasks that many practices unknowingly struggle with. By implementing our systems, the methods you’ll use for staff training, collections, re-filing returned claims, eliminating processing errors, promoting your practice, and managing your business will be so ingrained in your practice as to be automatic.

The Automatic Practice Management System retails for $2557.77. There is a discount offered for those who have attended previous courses offered. The System includes hours of audio training, reading materials, and all the “must have” charts, indices, forms, and letters you need to run your practice at optimum efficiency.  Included with your purchase is unlimited phone support (for two years from your date of purchase) to ask those tough questions that you can never quite get answered by the insurance companies.  In addition, these materials are approved for 12.0 CE credits, further making the time you spend investing in building your practice worth your while.

The Dental Edition of our Automatic Practice Management System features audio lectures and supplemental discs on Dental Management, Insurance Strategies, Patient Collections and Practice Promotions plus the Dental & Insurance Fundamentals book and disc, which includes:

  • Dental Practices and Managed Care
  • How to Spot a Problem Patient
  • Contract Pitfalls 
  • Time of Treatment Collection Checklist
  • Crown Buildups and Periodontal Services
  • Patient Sign in Sheet
  • ERISA Laws
  • Dental Patient Information Form
  • Medical vs. Dental Coverage
  • Utilizing a Rock Solid Financial Policy
  • ICD-10 for the Dental Office 
  • Sample Financial Policies
  • Prompt Payment Complaint Forms  
  • Credit Card On File Authorization
  • Assignment of Benefits Form   
  • Advanced Beneficiary Notice
  • Human Resources Letter
  • Tactful Responses to Patient Objections
  • Federal Rulings
  • Eliminating Your Aging Report
  • Request for Additional Information Letter
  • Guidelines for Electronic Narrative Reports
  • UCR Reductions
  • Anti-Kickback Letter
  • Letters of Reconsideration
  • Internal Outcome Study System
  • Silent Contract Response Letter 
  • Promoting Your Practice Letters
  • Fee Schedule Reevaluation
  • HIPAA 5010
  • Getting Paid for Narrative Reports
  • Effectively Handling Overpayments
  • Red Flag Rule

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Medical Billing for the Dental Practice:

These materials will teach you the various circumstances wherein medical insurance should be billed in lieu of, or even in addition to, your patient’s dental insurance. We teach you about the diagnosis and procedure codes needed to bill for traumatic injuries, sleep apnea, diabetes complications, and more. The platinum supplemental materials include the information necessary to continue billing medical insurance. If you have not billed medical insurance, the materials will introduce and instruct you on this revenue increasing process. Billing medical insurance allows more benefits to be available to your patients and can minimize their out of pocket expenses.

Patient Collections:

These materials show you how to effectively collect at time of treatment, how to spot problem patients and how to follow a time of treatment collection checklist. They have learned how to update the patient information form and sign in sheet to effectively ensure payment is received. They have also learned the benefits of utilizing a rock solid financial policy and the benefits of credit card on file authorization. They have learned how to tactfully respond to any and all patient objections and how to immediately eliminate your aging report! By following the simple systems they have learned in the seminar you should immediately see in increase in your cash flow and benefits in your patient relationships. Studies show the number one reason that a patient leaves your practice and never comes back is directly linked to financially responsibility. They have learned how to eliminate that obstacle by following systems to ensure that the patient is aware of financially responsibility and will pay at time of service, which also increases satisfaction with services rendered.

Insurance Strategies:

They should also share with you how they can immediately increase the cash flow in your practice when dealing private insurance. Practices lose billions of dollars a year to private insurance companies as they take advantage of your staff and your money. Your employee should now be familiar with the prompt pay law in your state and how to immediately increase your monthly cash flow by ensuring all claims are paid or denied under your state law. They have learned their rights and how to save time and money when dealing with private insurance. They have learned how to complain correctly to the Insurance Commissioner when insurance companies stall, deny or hold your claims. By implementing this simple system they should easily save 12 to 14 hours per week that they waste on the phone with private insurance companies. They will have also learned how to ensure money is sent to the practice and not the patient by simply updating your current Assignment of Benefits Form. Today your employee should also start charging insurance companies every time they request additional information. This will ensure that your staff is paid for their time and will also decrease the requests for more information that come into the practice. Your employee should also begin working immediately on getting your most used UCR fees increased, giving you the raise that you deserve. Too many dentists state they have been paid at the same rate year after year after year. The private insurance companies are not going to give you a raise if you don't ask for it! Your employee now knows how to apply to get these fees increased. They will also be discussing with you how to establish value for your time in completing narrative reports. You did not go through all your years of training to do reports for insurance companies, attorneys or other entities. You should be getting paid for your intellectual property rights, time and materials.

Your employee has also learned how to effectively deal with Overpayment Requests from insurance companies. You currently are probably doing what most practices do: either paying the money back or allowing the insurance companies to automatically take the funds from future payments. Your employee has learned how to successfully put a stop to this and to keep the money in the practice where it belongs. This must be done in writing and in the required time limits that your employee is now aware of. Your employee has also learned of the many lawsuits that they can use to site and support your right to put an end to these demand for return of overpayments!

Practice Promotions:

Most providers today would like to increase their fee-for-service clientele and create more income, but only a few of the most successful practitioners are able to achieve that goal. There are four essential factors that allow doctors to enjoy maximum revenues.

  1. Insurance Management
  2. Collections Management
  3. Practice Management
  4. Marketing and Promotions

The first two factors are fully addressed in the Insurance and Collections manuals. In the Promoting your Practice segment you will learn the most effective methods of growing your practice, acquiring new paying patients, reactivating patients, creating referrals, and the most successful methods to promote your practice. These strategies are proven to be very cost effective and low key, but create a tremendous difference in your practice's future. The materials include audio training as well as text readable format, with many low-budgets, easy to implement marketing ideas as well as the letters and forns necessary to promote your practice and create a flourishing and profitable business.

Dental Management:

Re-file and self-audit your returned claims not only to get paid, but to avoid future errors and protect your practice from becoming an audit trigger. Know how and when to file an appeal for an alleged overpayment plus more useful and practical topics.

Practices that establish and utilize a Compliance Plan are more successful than those that do not. To avoid potential liability, miscoding and overpayments everyone in your practice should be held to a standard of compliance.

The Dental materials provide training in audio and text format as well as all the necessary charts, guidelines, and reference materials to prepare your practice for the changes and elevate your practice to a higher level of profitability, accuracy, and compliance.