Medical Billing for the Dental Office

CMS-1500 Claim Form Step-by-Step Instructions

Dental carriers now require that any service that COULD be payable by any medical carrier, including Medicare; be submitted to the medical insurance first. Dental offices who have NEVER had to consider billing medical insurance are faced with the prospect of either being able to bill medical (correctly) or telling their patients that they will not assist them in getting the benefits, and possibly care, they deserve.

Providers that begin billing medical face challenges. The information needed to complete the medical claim form is different than the dental claim form. Or maybe, you're billing dental electronically but you want to submit medical claims via paper until you decide whether to commit to the expense of billing medical insurance electronically. Initial claims submitted have been rejected. Mistakes are made which delay the processing and payment of claims. Patients are told that you are submitting things incorrectly. You are not alone in dealing with these issues.

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CMS-1500 Claim Form Step-by-Step Instructions


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