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We, at National Provider Compliance Corporation, believe that when healthcare providers are paid fairly and on time for their services, our Nation's healthcare environment will benefit greatly.

To this end, National Provider Compliance Corporation is committed to every person who attends one of our conferences actually using the systems they learn.  The easier we make our systems, the more likely it is that they'll be implemented, and the greater the benefit we all receive.  That's why we have developed simple, step-by-step ways to make improving your practice's profitability a matter of habit.

Private insurance companies are ramping up  reductions, cutting allowable services, and trying to put caps on out-of-network benefits.  Several national insurance carriers have been fined in recent years for intentionally skewing UCR downwards, and systematically delaying, denying, and reducing claims in order to "increase corporate profits".  In this caustic environment, any time a provider stands up for their right to be paid, we all win.

Now is the time to streamline your practice.  Snags in your systems later, whether on your end or on that of a trading partner, may mean denied claims or even program exclusions.

Click Here to view a brochure outlining the topics covered in the "New  Medicare Changes Billing-Coding-Compliance-Collections", then call 800-669-3328 to register today!

Click Here to view a brochure outlining the topics covered in the “Local Dental Insurance Coverage, Changes, and Updates" Course, then call 800-669-3328 to register today!