"Appealing Delayed, Denied, and Reduced Claims" Webinar

Based on numerous client requests, we are now offering webinars for those unable to attend our live conferences or who want more detailed information on a specific subject. Our "Insurance Strategies and Compliance" webinar series is designed for providers that bill private and government insurance carriers. We teach you how to effectively and efficiently deal with insurance companies to ensure maximum payment. You will learn how to fix the most common issues providers deal with daily. Learn how to save time and money and to STOP losing money that is rightfully owed to you!!

"Appealing Delayed, Denied, and Reduced Claims"

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 from 11:00 AM- 12:00 PM PST

Every delayed and denied claim costs your business revenue regardless of whether it is a short or long-term delay. Providers understand the imperative motion of cash flow and the goal of quick turnaround. You want fast claims processing and reimbursements. Most people don’t understand certain things are set in place to sabotage that goal.

Insurance companies change policies on a regular basis to control cost, audit for fraud, and assure adherence to policy. Most offices do not change their policies or procedures often enough to avoid delays and denials, and often run on systems of trial by error.

Learn how efficiently and effectively appeal claims that have been delayed, denied, and reduced!!

The registration fee is $99.00 per session. Your registration fee includes 90-days access to our toll-free helpline for any questions or issues that arise after the webinar. 

Register at https://npcc.webinarninja.com/live-webinars/103968/register

Call for (800) 669-3328 for more information or registration.

Presenter: Marcia Bean-Ebersole, CPC Technical Director, National Provider Compliance Corporation
Mrs. Bean-Ebersole is a certified coder with over 30 years of experience in health care including coding, billing, and compliance in both the hospital and physician environment. She has also worked in insurance administration in both small and large group markets, claims adjudication and hospital auditing. She brought her unique combined experience to National Provider Compliance Corporation over 15 years ago as both a national instructor and director of our technical department.